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Introducing Amazonas. A range of flip flops made from recycled rubber from Brazil. We also stock lycra swimwear for women made in Floripa, Brazil. Sun safe protection.

About Amazonas

We are Amazonas. A young, successful brand formed from a sense of integration between people, creative power and sustainable thinking.Born in 2011, the culmination of nearly 70 years of expertise and the visionary thinking of the Amazonas Group, the Amazonas brand combines concepts such as technology, sustainability, fashion, innovation and creativity, and can be found in more than 55 countries worldwide.


Amazon Sandal are 100% Brazilian. They display a mixture of colors, shapes and textures in their design reflecting the influence of urban culture and nature.  

Hi, we are Marcelo (Brazilian/Kiwi) and Fiona de Souza (Aussie) and this is our story.

We met in New Zealand where we roasted Brazilian Rainforest Alliance coffee.  Our interest in sustainable and eco friendly products grew from there which eventually became a journey that led us to Brazil where we found Amazonas Flip Flops.     

We are based in Bondi and we believe in Amazonas because they are strong, comfortable and made with the environment in mind. Made from recycled materials the company also gives back to the community.  They are non toxic unlike cheaper footwear containing products like PVC.

Amazonas. Recycled. Sustainable. Eco Friendly.

Who makes the Flip Flops. . . 

The Amazonas Group has been working with sustainability for over 50 years

They reuse all the residues, nothing is thrown away - from the scraps of the rubber soles to the dust from the process of grinding plates. Amazonas also buys chips and rubber waste from other manufacturers to recycle them. This means having a recycling capacity three times greater than their own waste generation, producing 4,800 tons of recycled materials a year. 


The Amazonas Group have set up a process to reuse water in its production. This grants the reduction of up to 30% of water usage.

They support the local River Communities by keeping the people of the Amazonas rainforest at the heart of the business. Group Amazonas and Amazonas Sandals support the organization ChildFund Brasil with the goal that children have quality education without leaving the forest where they live

 WHATS NEW. . . . .

We are always returning to Brazil, in particular Florianopolis. An amazing place, an Island that is full of life and surf culture. This is Marcelo’s home and it is from Florianopolis that we are now discovering new designs for swim wear. We are currently stocking an exclusive amount of swimwear from the independent designer Paulina Sabioncello. She pledges 8% of all profits to animals in need in Floripa. She makes her clothing with passion, style and comfort which is a fantastic combination.