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Introducing Amazonas. A range of flip flops made from recycled rubber from Brazil. We also stock lycra swimwear for women made in Floripa, Brazil. Sun safe protection.

Amazonas Thongs Australia Blog

New Range is Here.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Finally the new summer range is here.  We are able to send to you anywhere in Australia.  Be quick as there are limited stocks on all styles.  

As an added bonus we are offering this unique code to let all shoppers have free postage on their purchases.  Simply enter this code SHIPMYTHONGS on check out and get free delivery!  This offer lasts until 12am, 30th of November.

Keep these dates in mind as we can be found on Sundays at the :

POP-UP shop every Saturday  11 - 2pm Where: 47 Woodstock Lane, Bondi Junction

Cambridge Markets on 27th, November.

Bondi Beach Markets on all other Sundays!

Sale for Autumn

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Amazonas is having an online sale to prepare for the arrival of our new range.  We have some fantastic colours arriving to herald in Spring so stay tuned. 

Also head down to the Bondi Markets on Sundays where you can meet us and fin more bargains.  It is a chance to see the Amazonas thongs up close. Strong, beautiful and sustainable footwear. 

Why Amazonas?

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Recently Marcelo and I had a stall at the Double Bay Festival.  We went really well with great feedback on Amazonas Thongs.  The whole experience however put me in good stead as to why we have brought Amazonas to Australia.  There was heavy comparisons to other brands of thongs on the Australian market.  Yes. A thong is a thong is a thong.  But today we are being more socially, ecologically conscience as both sellers and buyers.  Aren't we? I am trying to be. We don't buy PVC. Most thongs are made from PVC and this plastic does a whole lot more harm than good.  What other thong can start to biodegrade in a 5 year timeframe? Amazonas Ecco thongs can. Other thongs take up to 700 years.  Amazonas is composed of natural and sustainable and recycled rubbers.

So Amazonas is a choice that we have made to sell.  Thongs are a part of our life and at Amazonas we love them.  Now we can love them even more as the footprint we leave behind with Amazonas is far reaching and a step towards making simple choices that make our world better.  


Cut the red tape

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Finally after a painful wait our new shipment of thongs have been released from Brazil.  Strikes are never fun all round but they are there for a reason.  Viva la Thongs.  Freedom is yours and soon you will be on Australian soil.  The range we are getting in is beautiful and available online here and in shops around Bondi Beach and the Junction.  If you are wanting them for your own store please contact us.  

Plastic, plastic everywhere and not a drop to drink. . . . .. .

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Will there be a day where plastic rules the world?  Currently studies show that eight million tonnes of plastic is dumped into our oceans.  That is a calculation of full bags dumped at sea each year for every foot of coastline.  
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Plastic is not just an object waiting to be cleared away.  Many PVC articles leach poisons and residues into the soil and waterways.  That ends up in every living beings system in the world.  The only solution is to stop buying PVC products and start to be a consumer that counts.  It is an evil that has only been around a short time but has had massive negative impact on our ecosystem.  Communities are literally being swamped by floating islands of plastic banging against their shores.  Help clean our beaches, recycle properly and buy with care.  

Spring is here

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Flowers are blooming and Spring is in the air. We have had a long winter all over Australia. It is now time to put some warmth into our heart and soles.  A Butcher Bird has made friends with us in the garden.  Talking about the garden we put in some hours and planted some flowers and spring edibles and herbs.  Life is so exciting with all the possibilities available.  It is so easy to lose ourselves in the nitty gritty every day perils of life.  Everyday it is easier to be consumed in the doing and getting things done instead of just being present and part of the world around us.  Breathe.  Stop.  Listen.  

Summer on the way

Amazonas Sandals Australia

We have been busy creating contacts and enjoying the preview of the new range coming out for the 2016 High Summer.  Some style changes have been dramatic with some beautiful ecological footwear that combines leather with sustainable materials.


Winter Fun

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Yes, winter is upon us.  Down at Bondi enjoying the surf and annual ice skating event.  Also putting a collection together to order for the coming summer.  Keep your eyes peeled for special Amazonas events coming your way to the streets of Bondi.  

The Journey Starts

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Amazonas is a product I have been searching for, for a very long time.  My background was coffee and I spent the last few years in the industry researching and sourcing ethical beans -a coffee bean that supported the environment (animals and plants) and the people.  

So here I am with my family, in beautiful Australia wanting to make a difference.  We set out on this journey not just to create a business based on sustainability but to immerse our lives by walking the walk and talking the talk.  Can I create a sustainable household?  Reduce waste, recycle and make a difference.  I start with little steps.  My worm farm sits waiting to be set up. . .