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Introducing Amazonas. A range of flip flops made from recycled rubber from Brazil. We also stock lycra swimwear for women made in Floripa, Brazil. Sun safe protection.

Amazonas Thongs Australia Blog

You have to love what you do.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

It's not all about flip flops.  I occasionally pause and think about what it is I do and why I do it.  For me there is a joy in connecting with people in this world that outshines any sale.  Recently we received a request from Hong Kong to send flip flops to the man she loves.  This was so much fun that I took to my needle felting and pumped out a heart (yes I am addicted to needle felting!). 

I love making connections with people and making the business more than just the sale.  It is one of the reasons I go to my local butcher Sam's on Bondi Road, or the The Fruitologist. It goes beyond a shopping experience as you feel welcome and known and appreciated for shopping there.  Anyhow I thought I would share the love of one woman across the world. Yay!