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Amazonas thongs, sandals and flipflops using recycled and sustainable rubber, PET and fabrics.  Put your best ecological foot forward in a pair of Amazonas.  

Amazonas Thongs Australia Blog

Spring is here

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Flowers are blooming and Spring is in the air. We have had a long winter all over Australia. It is now time to put some warmth into our heart and soles.  A Butcher Bird has made friends with us in the garden.  Talking about the garden we put in some hours and planted some flowers and spring edibles and herbs.  Life is so exciting with all the possibilities available.  It is so easy to lose ourselves in the nitty gritty every day perils of life.  Everyday it is easier to be consumed in the doing and getting things done instead of just being present and part of the world around us.  Breathe.  Stop.  Listen.