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Introducing Amazonas. A range of flip flops made from recycled rubber from Brazil. We also stock lycra swimwear for women made in Floripa, Brazil. Sun safe protection.

Amazonas Thongs Australia Blog

Why Amazonas?

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Recently Marcelo and I had a stall at the Double Bay Festival.  We went really well with great feedback on Amazonas Thongs.  The whole experience however put me in good stead as to why we have brought Amazonas to Australia.  There was heavy comparisons to other brands of thongs on the Australian market.  Yes. A thong is a thong is a thong.  But today we are being more socially, ecologically conscience as both sellers and buyers.  Aren't we? I am trying to be. We don't buy PVC. Most thongs are made from PVC and this plastic does a whole lot more harm than good.  What other thong can start to biodegrade in a 5 year timeframe? Amazonas Ecco thongs can. Other thongs take up to 700 years.  Amazonas is composed of natural and sustainable and recycled rubbers.

So Amazonas is a choice that we have made to sell.  Thongs are a part of our life and at Amazonas we love them.  Now we can love them even more as the footprint we leave behind with Amazonas is far reaching and a step towards making simple choices that make our world better.