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Introducing Amazonas. A range of flip flops made from recycled rubber from Brazil. We also stock lycra swimwear for women made in Floripa, Brazil. Sun safe protection.

Amazonas Thongs Australia Blog

Uma nova estação

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Como e bonito esta epoca do ano.

Dias mais longos, noites mais curtas, calção ,camiseta, chinelo…

O surf também esta muito bom nesta época do ano, Bondi, Tama , Maccas e Bronte sao minhas favoritas.

A temperatura da aqua esta em torno de 18 a 20 Graus C.

As Baleias ja estão começando a voltar para casa, Antartica.

Que lugar lindo aonde escolhemos para viver, muita liberdade, boa vibe das pessoas, e muita oportunidade profissional.

Nosso projeto da Amazonas Australia começou no Verão 2015/15, gostaria de dizer que não foi nada fácil, e ainda estamos aprendendo bastante a cada dia . Somos uma pequena companhia, mas temos muita qualidade e designs, que são incomparáveis .

Voltando ao topico Nova Estacao, espero que todos vcs tenham uma experiencia muito boa, em qualquer estação do ano, se faz frio, ou esta ventando forte, chovendo, nevando ,caindo granizo, o que importa e estar feliz.



Praia da Joaquina,Floripa,Brasil

Praia da Joaquina,Floripa,Brasil

Wet weather. . . .

Amazonas Sandals Australia

We are under a lot of wet weather so have decided to sell online and give the markets a miss. Alternatively please give us a call or txt on 0405044947 and arrange a time for door sales in Bondi Junction.


As time goes by . . . . . .

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Slowly getting into the swing of 2019. Another school year, new routines, lots more ideas to plan and action and very soon it will be Christmas. Again! So better make the most of it whilst one can.

I have finally found the perfect sized swimsuit for me. I have settled on the XL. I am a tallish 48 year old (179cm) with hips and a bust, (104cm and 94cm respectively). I chose the manga long sleeve black. I wore it all day today at the school swimming carnival and was well protected from the sun and comfortable to boot! Photos coming soon.

This Sunday we are at Bondi Markets. The weather looks perfect for some market shopping so come on down for a pair of flip flops or swimwear!

New Swimwear Has Arrived!

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Our new range of swimwear has arrived. We love the range and will showcase the new styles at Bondi Markets this weekend on the 20th of January, 2019. The weather looks like it may be slightly cooler. If you are heading for the beach come and say ‘Hi’ and try out our 50+ UV protected swimwear and eco friendly flip flops.

wet ave 7.jpg

Markets and Much, Much More.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

We are at the Bondi Beach Markets this weekend. We are anticipating the arrival of our new swimwear any time now! All styles are available online for early ordering. We are receiving great feedback from our active swimwear range and hope that the new sizes will accomodate those that have been missing out, including me! Over the next few months we should be seeing a fantastic range of new styles including some clothing perfect for Australia.

What’s Up Australian Beaches? Great Swimwear, Sun and Sea.

What’s Up Australian Beaches? Great Swimwear, Sun and Sea.

A Brand New Year

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Welcome to the New Year of 2019. We will be at the Markets at Bondi Beach this Sunday the 6th. It should be a beautiful day despite the threat of rain. Our shipment of new swimsuit styles should be here very soon so stay tuned for when they will be available in Australia. Hope to see you at the Markets.

New swimwear range from KRUGANS coming soon.

New swimwear range from KRUGANS coming soon.

Final Markets before Christmas.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Today we will be heading to Bondi Markets. It will be our last market for the year. We have ended 2018 with great enthusiasm and excitement. Very proud to represent some outstanding talent from Brasilian designers in swimwear and flip flops.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us. It has been a wonderful journey with great things yet to come. May we all be safe this Christmas and herald in 2019 to be a year of vision and progression.

With regards from Isabel, Fiona and Marcelo

Art from Bondi Beach

What a BEAST

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Look into your local news guide THE BEAST. An amazing local accomplishment by James and Dan Hutton who dedicate a large portion of their lives to bring local new and entertainment to the East.

The latest December issue with Dr. Kerryn Phelps profiled on the fromt cover, has our own Marcelo de Souza interviewed. You can find it here online

Go to page 20 to see our man in verbal action. We are so proud!


Bondi Markets

Amazonas Sandals Australia

It is great to be back at the Bondi Markets. The swimwear has been well received and excited about new products we hope to have soon. Amazonas is releasing their new range in February and Florianopolis surf fashion promises some great things in the not so distant future.

We are slotted into the Bondi Markets this Sunday the 25th. Eeeeek one whole month away from Christmas. Very exciting time of year. Hope to see you at the Markets!


Bondi Markets.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Slowly , slowly we are pulling ourselves out of winter into the heat of Spring. Yes only Spring and we are already sweltering. We are hopefully and most certainly starting the markets this coming Sunday on the 11th. We will showcase an array of flip flops and of course our swim wear.

Very excited to brush off the hibernation and emerge into the vibrant activity of the

Bondi Markets.

If you are local (or not) feel free to contact us at for door sales right here in Bondi Junction.


We have swimwear!

Amazonas Sandals Australia

This is just the beginning but what an amazing time! We have just received our limited edition of Lycra Swimwear from Florianopolis, Brazil. We will be selling soon at Bondi Markets and now on our website.

The designer PAULINA SABIONCELLO was born in Chile and graduated in Arts in California. Passionate about fashion and sport, she has gained experience working for international surf brands such as Reef and Billabong.

Today she has her line of products inspired by the practice of sports, always seeking comfort and style. Believing that today's woman is dynamic and practical, she sought to develop a collection, ideal for sports lovers who do not give up on style.

After moving to Florianópolis, the landscape became its source of inspiration, and from there come the prints and forms of its collections.

Pauli, as she is known, along with the connection to sport and fashion, is a voracious animal lover. With this, it makes a point of reversing a percentage of the sales of its collection to NGOs linked to the protection of animals.

Check out her designs on our swimwear pages


Market Update

Amazonas Sandals Australia

We are taking a break from the Markets until next summer.  All our stock styles are available online and we are very happy to have private viewings in Bondi Junction at our warehouse.  Please call, email or text using details on our CONTACT page.

We are super excited about the upcoming range for 2018/2019 so stay tuned! 


The feet we meet!

Amazonas Sandals Australia

Not surprisingly we see a lot of feet each week.  Each one unique to the person standing on them.  We understand that not everyone can wear flip flops however we met a fantastic pair of feet on the weekend with their own special flair for wearing the thong.  Being a scorcher of a day he was very happy to place a real pair of Amazonas on his feet but we couldn't miss the opportunity to admire his artwork.  


You have to love what you do.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

It's not all about flip flops.  I occasionally pause and think about what it is I do and why I do it.  For me there is a joy in connecting with people in this world that outshines any sale.  Recently we received a request from Hong Kong to send flip flops to the man she loves.  This was so much fun that I took to my needle felting and pumped out a heart (yes I am addicted to needle felting!). 

I love making connections with people and making the business more than just the sale.  It is one of the reasons I go to my local butcher Sam's on Bondi Road, or the The Fruitologist. It goes beyond a shopping experience as you feel welcome and known and appreciated for shopping there.  Anyhow I thought I would share the love of one woman across the world. Yay!


The People we meet. Bernard Rosa.

Amazonas Sandals Australia

One amazingly beautiful thing I always forget to mention are all the people we meet at the markets.  So many interesting stories to be told and for us to find out.  Recently a lovely man called Bernard Rosa came our way. Totally unassuming and a heart of gold Bernard is one of those folk who walks with two feet firmly on the ground and when you talk to him he takes you to the giddy exciting heights where you know so much is possible in this world.  

Bernard is a photographic artist who takes the simple polaroid and morphs it into something else! I think his work can speak a thousand more words that I can possibly describe. 


It is the unassuming person that makes the most impact when they invite you into their world.  He  is an artist and explorer and I am always better off having met him.